ASSWARE1.EXE (version without time limit) you get it in this way:

Privat persons (not for commercial use) :
ASSWARE1.EXE you get it per post, if you put 20 EURO as bill to the written order and you put two adress sticker (with your adress) in it.
On the other way you can get ASSWARE1.EXE, if you transfer 20 EURO to the account of ASSWARE and the transfer form has to contain the text ASS1PRIV and your mail adress. Please read the file ORDER.ENG from ASSWARE1.EXE.
Then you get ASSWARE1.EXE in a appendix of a mail. And in ASSWARE1.EXE there are the programs without time limit (no technically and no juridicial limit).

ASSWARE1.EXE you get it for 100 Euro, if you order it in written form. Please use the order-form ORDER.ENG from ASSWARE1.EXE