ASSWARE1.EXE, BOOTMAN1.EXE and the programs in it are copyright protected.

The conditions for use are in the files of the selfextracting archives ASSWARE1.EXE and BOOTMAN1.EXE, specially in the files README, README.ENG, COPYRIGH.ENG and ORDER.ENG. ASSWARE1.EXE is a 30-days testversion and otherwise identical with the full version.
You have to follow the conditions in above files! The use of the programs is on your own risk. Using of the programs - even only for test - is only allowed, if you respect the conditions. By download you respect these conditions and confirm, that you did read and understand the conditions (see Description of programs, utilization-conditions and delivery-conditions).
You can test the programs in ASSWARE1.EXE, which you downloaded at ASSWARE.DE, one month. You are not allowed to avoid the temporal limit of one month (not technically and not juridicial) . You are allowed to test the programs, after you have send a mail to ( please replace -at- by @ ).
This mail has to contain your adress, your mail adress and the text:
I test the software in ASSWARE1.EXE on my own risk. I saved my important files before testing.